French Names Statistics

Ever wondered how many girls with the name Jeanne were born in the Vosges department of France in 1925, in which departments the name Chantal was popular in 1980, or perhaps you need the all-time most popular boys' names in the Dordogne department. Voilà.

While working on my novel, I realized that many of the names I'd chosen for my characters were horribly old-fashioned, rare, or outright non-existent for the time and place where they were born. While doing research to fix this, I realized there were large differences between departments of France, and simply knowing which names are popular in France as a whole is close to useless.

Working with the raw data quickly got tedious, so I developed this tool to help me sort through it for the answers I needed. I hope others will find it useful as well.

This tool is currently in early stages of development but should already be functional. Additional features and improvements will be added as I find the time.


Data courtesy of INSEE

There were 152 girls born with the name Jeanne in 1925 in the Vosges department.